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Fri, 21 Oct 2016 18:53:18 +0900

Tokyo Saturday, 22nd October, 2pm

We all know many examples of companies with the best technologies and products who were handily defeated by companies with inferior technology but a better sales force:
Microsoft vs. Apple (in the early years)

VHS vs. Betamax
Oracle vs. Sybase
The list goes on . . .

At ESADE Business School, we know that SALES and SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT is a Critical Success Factor enabling young and established companies to achieve sustainable global growth. We know that Innovation = Invention X Commercialization: even the best breakthrough inventions need to be reduced to practice, secure beachhead customers, be sold broadly, and eventually, the goal is to become a global standard. When we add ICT to the equation, new challenges emerge, as information management is incorporated into the overall corporate strategy.

Visiting Professor Ken Morse and Dean Jonathan Wareham will share their perspectives on the role of ICT in sales and how ESADE uniquely prepares our MBAs to become world class players in this important field.

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