Privacy Policy

Last modified: June 1, 2014

We, α & Company, Inc., declare to respect the privacy of users in Alpha Advisors, and related programs and services.

1. Personal Information

Personal information include name, birth date, gender, address, phone number, family structure, hobbies, e-mail address, ID, Internet Protocol (IP) address, time stamp, employer name, employer address, employer phone number, credit card number, bank account number, history of pages visited within the site, complaints, and inquiry details, which can be used to identify an individual on its own or in combination of the above data.

2. Purpose

We will use personal information for the following uses.

(1) Providing our services

(2) Processing the user’s payments
(3) Contacting the user for notification, information on products and services, and mailing gifts
(4) Customizing information, services, and advertisement content with respect to the user’s age, working status, gender, hobbies and preference

(5) Improvement of existing services and development of new services
(6) To prevent users from violating the member policies

(7) To develop anonymized statistical data

3. Restrictions

We will use personal information for the above purposes. When using personal information outside these purposes, we will acquire your consent in advance. However, exceptions include the following cases.

(1) Obeying the law
(2) Protecting the life, health and property of the user, when acquiring consent from the user is deemed difficult

(3) To promote public safety and child development, when acquiring consent from the user is deemed difficult

(4) To provide information for a governmental or public institution which requires the information for purposes under law, when acquiring consent is deemed a hindrance.

4. Collection of Personal Information

• We will acquire personal information through a legal and equitable method. We will not collect information that is against the user’s will.
• We will confirm that the personal information collected is released from the corresponding user with the user's will.

5. Informed Consent 

When collecting personal information, we will disclose its purposes in advance. We will notify the user when purposes have changed.

6. Protection of Personal Information

We will make sure that the personal information collected is accurate and recent. Furthermore, we will commit to safeguarding the privacy of our users.

7. Supervision of Trustees

We may consign handling of personal information. In this case, we will make a contract with the third party to protect the user’s privacy. We will supervise the corresponding trustee.

8. Disclosure to Third Parties

We will not release personal information to a third party without the user’s consent. Details of the third party as well as the content of the disclosure will be specified when we request the user for consent. However, exceptions include the following cases.

(1) Cases where our trustees provide services via direct mail, e-mail, and/or other measures as proxy.
(2) Cases where our trustees are required to provide personalized services including after-care as proxy.
(3) Cases where accumulated data or results of statistical analyses, anonymized, are released to a third party.
(4) Cases where personal data are disclosed to the corresponding credit card company or another corporation in charge of payment (those whom we have a privacy contract with) when we provide charged service to the corresponding user.
(5) Cases where gifts are sent and personal data are disclosed to delivery companies
(6) Cases where law permits the disclosure or provision of data

9. Disclosure to User

We will release personal information of the corresponding user if requested. However, exceptions include the following cases.

(1) The life, health, or safety of the user or third party may be harmed
(2) Execution of our services may be affected
(3) Law may be violated.

10. Access to Personal Information

We will correspond to requests to correct, add, delete, or suspend the user's personal information. Correspondence will be within a reasonable length of time, after confirmation that the request is from the corresponding user.

11. Disclaimers

We are not responsible for the disclosure of personal information, including the following cases.

(1) The user submitted personal information to a third party through our service and/or an alternative method.
(2) The user submitted personal information to our service which could be used to identify the individual.

12. Statistical Use

We may use anonymized data of personal information for statistical use.
Anonymized data may be used without restrictions.

13. Cookies

• We may receive the user’s IP address, cookie information, and history of pages and advertisements navigated from the user’s browser and keep a record on the server, when our service and/or linked services are used.
• We may use data on gender, job, age, history of pages and advertisements navigated, date/time stamp, and the Internet environment to personalize the website for each user.
• We may analyze user data or collect surveys to clarify effective advertisements, information, and services to disclose to our trustees and sponsors. We note that information which can be used to identify users will not be included in the analysis results.
• We may consign advertising on our website to a third party. If the third party also uses cookies, data will be recorded on the third party's server and will be protected under the third party's privacy policy.

14. Changes to the Privacy Policy

At times, part or all of the Privacy Policy may be updated. When there are important changes, information will be posted on the website.

15. Contacts

If there are any question regarding the Privacy Policy, please contact us at