Alpha Advisors is an one-on-one online advisory platform to lead you to success in your challenge to top schools, top companies, and top career!

At Alpha Advisors, you can get premium advice and knowhow to succeed in your challenge to your dream schools and companies such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cambridge, Oxford and Mckinsey, BCG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Google, Facebook, and P&G. Alpha Advisors supports you at all life stages, including students in primary school, middle school, high school, university, graduate schools, entry-level and mid-career professionals to help each and everyone succeed.

Our strategy is to lead you towards success!

Our strategy to achieve the mission of Alpha Advisors is to lead you to success. We will think about when, what, with who, and how we can support you to realize your dreams. We analyze the necessary resources and provide the best possible program. We have global top notch professional advisors in every challenge area . Advisory is a one-to-one advisory to lead you towards the right direction. We will provide the highest quality program in the world to help you succeed. Whether you are preparing for entrance examinations, job hunting, study abroad, job change, or leadership development, you will experience the difference.

Our supports include the followings:
1. College Admissions Supports to top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Yale, Dartmouth, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Cambridge, Oxford
2. College Transfer Supports
3. Community College Admissions Supports
4. Career Support to get in top companies such as Mckinsey, BCG, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Google, Facebook and P&G
5. Tet prep support such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, GMAT, SAT

Alpha Advisors has 70,000 members(As of March 1, 2018).More people are connecting every day!

Our members are:
1. Professionals in large, mid-sized, and venture companies
2. US, European, and Asian MBA and graduate school students and graduates
3. Lawyers, certified public accountants, medical doctors, other professionals
4. Students and graduates at the global universities
5. Students and graduates at the national and global high schools

To maximize your potentials, Alpha Advisors provides various programs.Together with the best partners!

Alpha Advisors guarantees to offer our members only what we truly believe in recommend. These include seminar programs, individual advisory service and career services. α Partners are schools, universities and corporations that we strongly believe will have positive influence on your success. Continue to look forward to our collaborations!
List of Alpha Partners & Recommendations

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