Terms and Conditions


1. α Academy (hereafter referred to as “the Service”) is ran by α&Company (hereafter referred to as “the Provider”). These Terms and Conditions are an agreement that binds between the Provider and the recipient of the Service (hereafter referred to as “the Member”).
2. The Member shall be the actual person who took procedures to register as a member. If the person has limited capacity (including child or person subject to guardianship or support),the person authorized to act on his or her behalf is also considered as a Member.
3. Terms and Conditions include content of notifications sent from the Provider to the Member about the Service.
4. Terms and Conditions are subject to additions or amendments without the Member’s consent and apply when the Terms and Conditions are updated on the website or notified to the Member in written form.
5. By registering to be Member for the use of Service (hereafter referred to as “Register”), you agree to the Terms and conditons.
6. "Activities" hereafter refer to all actions taken, without the questioning of method or situation.


1. The Member will follow the registering procedures as specified by the Provider.
2. The Provider may not approve a registration request in the following cases under its judgement. This also applies to registrations approved on an earlier occasion.
(1)The registered e-mail address does not exist 

(2)The registered e-mail address had been registered before

(3)The Member has a history of violating the Terms and Conditions and haaving registration withdrawn.
(4)The registration content included false and/or incomplete information
(5)The Member was subject to limited capacity and registration was not completed and/or approved by the corresponding proxy
(6)The Member did not access the Service for a set length of time
(7)The Member is involved in organized crime groups and/or other anti-society organizations

(8)Judgement by the Provider


1. Whenever changes occur to the registered information, the Member will take procedures to update information.
2. The Provider will not be responsible for any disadvantages caused by the User not updating membership information.


1. The Member is responsible for safeguarding user ID and Password from a third party.

2. The Member will resolve complaints, claims, and conflicts caused by the misuse of ID and/or Password at his or her own expense and responsibility. Misuse shall not damage the Provider, regardless of whether it was due to the Member or a third party.


The Provider may change contents of the Service without prior notice to the Member.


The Provider may change contents of the Service without prior notice to the User.


1. The Provider may temporarily suspend the Service without prior notice to the Member in the following cases.
(1)System maintenance is required
(2)Providing the System becomes difficult due to natural disasters, accidents, malfunctions, power failure, etc.
(3)Providing the System becomes difficult due to wars, political disturbances, riot, labor dispute, etc.

(4)Other cases in which the Provider deems it necessary to suspend the Service for operational or technical reasons.
2. The Provider shall not be liable for any damages suffered by the Member or a third party resulting from delay or suspension of the System for any reason.


1. The Provider may suspend part or all of the Service when necessary without prior notification to the User.
2. The Provider is not liable for any damage (direct or indirect) caused by the termination of Service.


The Member shall not engage in the following activities when using the Service.
(1)Activities that infringe intellectual property rights (including copyrights, trademarks, patents, and privacy) and other rights of the Provider and/or third party.
(2)Activities that violate copyrights of the Provider by using data, information, images, words, quotations, and/or software of the Service (hereafter referred to as "the Data") for commercial or publication use.
(3)Activities that infringe the life, health, property, privacy, or copyright of a third party.

(4)Activities that collect personal information of a third party without its permission
(5)Activities that post or transmit expressions that lead to the discomfort of others or harm to the fame and trust of a third party
(6)Activities that post or transmit anti-social expressions that include anti-social context
(7)Activities that post or transmit expressions that induce or encourage scam, drug abuse, gambling, production of explosives, or related advertisements and messages
(8)Activities that post or transmit content related to child pornography, including graphics, words, advertisements and messages. Activities that exchange these contents into economic benefits.
(9)Activities that post or transmit personal information of a third party (including name, address, employer name, employer address, phone number, and e-mail address) without its consent.

(10)Activities that post or transmit URLs associated to affiliates and one-click scams sites directly associated to the contributor’s profits
(11)Activities that use the Service for the purpose of sexual conducts or obscene acts
(12)Activities that use the Service for the purpose of meeting a person of opposite sex
(13)Activities that use the Service for the purpose of harassments or attacks against other Users
(14)Activities related to the Pyramid scheme and hinder Prevention Law
(15)Activities that post or transmit expressions that induce suicide or self-injury behavior

(16)Activities that lead others into using the Service by impersonating as a third party or acting as if in cooperation with another individual or organization.Activities that violates laws of unauthorized access.
(17)Activities that interfere with the server, network system, or software needed to provide the Service

(18)Activities that illegally or improperly lead to the falsification or disclosure in the information provided by the Provider and/or third party
(19)Activities that send harmful computer programs or takes technical measures
 which enable a third party to receive these programs
(20)Activities related to election campaigns or hinder the Election Law
(21)Activities in which one person possesses multiple User ID or multiple people use one User ID. Cases with the Provider’s permission are excluded.
(22)Activities that goes against the Provider’s instructions or requests
(23)Activities that interfere with the Provider's operation of the Service or infringe the Provider and/or third party's fame and reputation
(24)Activities that aid or encourage any activity stated in Clauses 1 to 23 above, indicated through data entered via the Service 
in written form or as URL
(25)Other activities that are deemed by the Provider to be inappropriate.


1. If the information or data entered into the System violates the Terms and Conditions, the Provider may be delete the information without prior notice to the Member. 

2. The Provider is not liable to any responsibility related to deletion of the corresponding data.


1. In cases where the Member violates the Terms and Conditions, if a third party submits a claim against the Member's use of Service and the Provider finds issues, the Provider will take one or more of the following procedures for the corresponding Member.
(1)Request a pledge to stop activities corresponding to the violation of Terms and Conditions.
(2)Request a negotiation with the corresponding third party to resolve claims
(3)Delete corresponding data
(4)Hide part or all of the corresponding from a third party
(5)Temporarily inactivate User ID and take away User rights.
2. The Provider is not responsible for taking these procedures. At the same time, the Provider is not liable for the consequences following these procedures.
3. The Provider may take these actions without any prior notifications.
4. The Provider may request compensation to the User regardless of whether the Membership is temporarily stopped or permanently erasured.


The Member has the right to cancel membership and use of Service.


1. The Provider is not liable to any responsibility for the completeness, accuracy, applicability, and effectiveness of the Provider and third party's data.
2. The Provider is not liable to any responsibility for the harm suffered by the Member through the Service (including conflicts with a third party), as well as the harm caused by not being able to use the Service.


The Provider reserves the right to use any information provided by the Member via the Service, including words, graphics, voices, and images (for uses such as advertisements). The Member waives all copyright and claims to the Provider.


1. Information registered by the Member through the Service (including e-mail address, birthdate, address, employment status, year in school, and other information which can be used to identify the individual) or the User status and content (hereafter referred to as "Personal Information") will be managed under the Privacy Policy of α&Company.
2. We will use Personal Information for the following uses.
(1)Providing the Services
(2)Processing the User’s payments
(3)Contacting the User for notification, information on products and services, and mailing gifts
(4)Customizing information, services, and advertisement content with respect to the User’s age, working status, gender, hobbies and preference
(5)Improvement of existing Services and development of new Services
(6)To prevent Users from violating the Terms and Conditions of the Service
(7)To develop anonymized statistical data regarding the Service
3. To achieve one or more of the above purposes, the Provider may outsource operations which includes handling of Personal Information. The Provider may consign these operations to a third party and may pass on the Personal Information necessary for the operation.
4. The Provider may disclose Personal Information which the Member gave consent for beforehand, to a third party.
5. The provider may disclose Personal Information to the appropriate governmental organization or judicial institution under Law without the Member's consent.  
6.  We may use anonymized data of Personal Information to summarize characteristics of Users (hereafter referred to as "statistical reference") for the development of new Services. 
The Provider may submit anonymized Statistical Reference to a third party.
7. The Provider will keep a record of the Member's navigation through the website. Records include participation to events, submission of comments, and viewing of video clips. These records may be shared with a third party  given the Member's consent.


1. The Member may request disclosure of his/her own personal information to the Provider by contacting the Administration Office as specified in Article 18.
2. If the Member finds an error in his/her personal information kept by the Provider、the Provider will amend the information in a prompt manner.


Even when the use of personal information follows Terms and Conditions of Article 15, the Member may request the stop of use. In these cases, the Provider will take procedures to stop the use of his/her personal information in a prompt manner. However, when providing the Service is deemed difficult, Service will be suspended under the Terms and Conditions of Article 8.


The administrative director of α Academy is responsible for managing the personal information of each Member. If you have an inquiry about membership and/or a request for disclosure, amendments, deletion, or termination of personal information use, please contact us.

Administration of α Academy 

E-Mail: admin@alpha-academy.com


If there is a dispute between the Member and the Provider and is not resolved through a discussion, the Tokyo District Court shall be the court of exclusive jurisdiction.


These Terms and Conditions will be governed by the laws of Japan.


These Terms and Conditions are in effect from June 1, 2014.