IELTS Writing Task1 表現まとめ


Energy production in this country comprised 3 percent of solar power and 31 percent of nuclear power in 2015.

In 2015, solar power and nuclear power accounted for / made up 6 percent and 24 percent of energy production in this country respectively.

2) the number(数えられる) / the amount (数えられない)

The number of cars produced in this factory was just 1,000 in 2015.
Cars produced in this factory numbered around 1,000 in 2015.
Cars produced in this factory outnumbered those produced in that factory.
The number of cars produced in this factory stood at 1,000 last year, outnumbering the other countries in the table.

The amount of energy produced in South Korea from Tidal power has risen sharply since 2014.
The amount of petroleum exported from that country doubled/tripled in that year.
Energy production in Japan amounted to 1.6 trillion kWh in 2017.
The average cost of auto repairs and maintenance amounted to 500 dollars, which slightly declined in the subsequent few years.

3) 減る
go down / decline / decrease / drop / fall / plummet (突然) / plunge (急激に突然) / slip / dip (わずかに) / slump (突然) / tumble (劇的に) / shrink / collapse(水準が大きく落ちる)

4) 増える
go up / grow / increase / climb / rise / jump / rocket / surge / shoot up(大きく素早く) / soar / leap(急に) / boom(大きく素早く) / double / triple / multiply(大きく) / escalate / swell

5) コンマ ~ing
, ~ingの表現には、1)同時 2)連続 の2種類があります。
1)~しながら 2)そして~だ といった訳し方になるでしょうか。

The other income source is fundraising, accounting for 34 percent of the whole revenue in 2018.

6) respectively それぞれ、めいめい
There are two other expenditure categories, annual events and machine maintenance, accounting for 23 percent and 14 percent of the whole outgoings respectively.
今回は要素がannual eventsとmachine maintenanceの2つがあり、それぞれ支出の23%と14%を占めています。よってrespectivelyが効果的に使えていますね。文尾に置かれることが多いです(状況による)。

7) combined 合わさって
There are 3 other revenue items, but all of them are very small and they account for only 1 percent of the total incomings combined.

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