IVY tutors wanted!! (For Undergraduate & Graduate Students)
IVY TUTORS wanted for online tutoring!

Become an online tutor to teach a variety of subjects and help with college admission prep and student job applications for $100 per student each month.

That means if you have 10 students, you will be paid $1,000+ per month!

Become an online tutor and coach those who are aiming higher

Teach your students via Facebook Messenger and answer to your student’s questions anytime anywhere

Increase your students by doing online AMAs(Ask Me Anything) and writing KnowHow on the Alpha Website!

We, Alpha Academy, see the value in you!! Why don't you share your experiences and brilliant skills to help others? This is a job exclusive to IVY students! We are extremely interested in your exceptional knowledge base and experience!!

Detailed information

・ Become an online adviser and coach students who will be the leaders of tomorrow.
・Get paid $100 a client each month!
・Free registration at Alpha Academy!
・Alpha Academy’s (known as “Alpha”) mission is to maximize people’s potential. We offer various educational programs for elementary to university students and working professionals to help them achieve their most audacious goals.

What we are looking for in an Alpha Tutor:

We are looking for advisors/tutors who can teach in at least one of the following areas:
・School admissions (domestic and international) for graduate school (including MBA), undergraduate/college admissions, high school schools, middle school level, and elementary school entrance support.
・English conversation instructor: Teaching English as a second language (TESL teacher) through Skype
・Any school subjects: We welcome you to propose ideas of any programs you would like to teach (Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, AP subjects etc.)

If you are interested in helping others who would like to achieve their goals with us, click below and check our page out!

Become a tutor! Please send us an email from Alpha Chat on “my page”
> https://www.alpha-academy.com/mypage/messages

Achieve your goals
with your Advisor!