OPT/CPT & Working Visa seminar for International Students!!!
Come and learn about Optical Practice Training/Curricular Practical Training & Working visas!

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OPT(Optical Practice Training)/CPT(Curricular Practical Training) & Working Visas

・What is OPT/CPT?
・How do we participate in OPT/CPT?
・What is the difference between OPT and CPT?
・How do we acquire working visas?
・How many kinds of working visas there are?
・Which working visa should we choose and apply for?

Ms. Li, a professional in immigration law from Tomita Law Office, has been invited to speak at Alpha Academy. This is a chance for you to gain knowledge about CPT/OPT & visas from an experienced professional! There will be a Q&A session as well, so why don’t you join us and get your questions answered!?

1. Target Audience

・International students who are willing to do internships with U.S. companies
・International students who are willing to work in the U.S. after graduation and OPT
・Those interested in learning about OPT/CPT systems!
・Those interested in learning about working visas!
・All students willing to exchange information with other international students from other schools

2. Contents

・OPT/CPT background
・Participating OPT/CPT
・Considerations before applying/during/after OPT/CPT
・New STEM legislation of OPT/CPT

・Working visas background
・Getting a working visa
・Choose eligible working visa
・Notes and tips of Working Visas

・Q&A Session

3. Venue

・April 13, Wednesday, 2016
・PST19:30~ (@Menlo College & Online Streaming)
・EST22:30~ (Online Streaming)
・How to join online streaming? The address will be sent after registration.

4. Speaker Introduction

・Yan Li
She was born in Shanghai, China, and moved to Japan when she is 8years old. She graduated from high school in Hiroshima, Japan, and entered at a community college in California. She transferred to UCLA, graduated from there, and worked for Tomita Law Office as a legal assistant for a year. After that, she entered at Santa Clara University School of Law. At the same time studying in the law school, she contributed for a visa, green card, citizenship for immigrants in voluntary associations. She graduated from Santa Clara University School of Law in 2013 and now work as a head of Silicon Valley Office in Tomita Law Office.

Alpha Academy CEO Profile

・Toshihiko Irisumi (TJ)
He started a career at Sumitomo Corporations, worked in Project Financing in Sumitomo Corporations in New York. He graduated from The University of Chicago Booth (MBA) and worked in Investment Banking Division at Goldman Sachs. He founded and launched Alpha Academy in 2009.

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