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Considering to take ACT?

A high ACT score is needed for you to study at a top Ivy League school. Our ACT training program will help you reach score higher and achieve your goals.

Goals are achieved through thorough planning and hard work. For you to study at some of the best schools, you will need to score high on the ACT. Our expert advisers will teach and help you achieve your goals.

The ACT can be taken three times a year, so it is essential that you prepare for it as early as possible in order to get a higher score. Don’t wait until your senior year in high school. Start preparing for it as early as you can and get that high score needed for your desired school!

Study under the best!

Alpha Academy provides individual training on a one-to-one basis. This is why you can get thorough feedback from your adviser, which allows you to get a higher score. This training is essential for people who hope to score as high as they can on the ACT as soon as possible!

The feature of TJ Advisors’ ACT training program

1.) Intensive, thorough counseling!
2.) A tailor-made study plan and complete support for you to achieve your goals
3.) After a thorough analysis, we provide the best strategies for you to work on your weaknesses.
4.) This package meets all your needs! Our professional support includes frequent counseling, establishing study plans and objectives.
5.) Complete support at an exceptionally reasonable price.

1. Intensive, thorough counseling!

・TJ Advisors starts by recognizing your current situation and by reconfirm your goals and when you want to achieve them by.
・We will then draft a study plan which best suits your goals
・In the case you are unable to find time to study due to school or work, we will offer you more specific guidance.
・You will receive the thorough support by strictly selected top ACT advisors
・They will share with you the secrets to ace the ACT.

2. Probing strategy planning and implementation

・In order to provide you with the best study plan to score over 30 on the ACT, we will have to find your every weakness and first work on eliminating those weaknesses.
・You will be working with ACT professionals to plan your strategy to study efficiently.
・Your mentor will constantly check on your progress so that you can successfully complete your study plan.
・One you we set up the strategy strategy together, all you need is to go full sprint ahead. Go For It!!

3. Providing strategies on each section

・We will introduce the vocabulary and problem-solving skills needed to answer questions in the Reading section.
・For the Math section, you will learn the “patterns” of common questions. Once you grasp the patterns, it will be a lot easier for you to answer the questions.
・For the Writing section, we will explain the grammar rules and methods to solve the problems.
・For the Essay, we will provide you with a comprehensive template, which will allow you to write at a high level from introduction to conclusion.
・We will also teach you the basics and the logical way to understand sections of the Science Reasoning.

4. The Full Package Deal! (Counselling, Planning, Thorough teaching of each section, Essay templates)

・This program includes everything as mentioned above and you will be supported from the very beginning of goal planning all the way to until you actually achieve your goals!
・You will have a main counselor personally assigned to you,who will be thoroughly supporting you to achieve your goal. .
・You can consult with your main counselor anytime anywhere through email or chat.

5. Complete support at an exceptionally reasonable cost!

・Would you rather take the ACT Test several times without having studied it properly? Or would you rather be thoroughly prepared with the help of Alpha Academy?
・When it comes to ACT preparation programs, our fees are a fraction of our competitors’.
・Our professional support is available even after your have met your objective for the ACT!

Who is this program for?

・People who are aiming to score more than 30 on the ACT
・High school students who are aiming for to study at some of the best colleges in the US.
・College students who would like to transfer to another university

Content of the program

・Establishing a strategic plan to get your required score
・Thorough schedule management
・Instructing methods for each section of the ACT
・Essay marking service (Additional fee required. Consult with your main counselor.)
・Overall testing advice

The learning method

・You will keep in touch with your adviser through email and/or chat.
・Watch Alpha Academy’s original ACT lecture videos
・As everything is done online, you can study anytime and anywhere.

How can I sign up for this program?

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