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Individualized Online Coaching Service for the GRE! The GRE is a challenge you must overcome if you want to apply for an MBA in the U.S and in the U.K. Set your goals and we will support you to the very end. Apply now for your free initial consultation!

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Considering to take GRE?

TJ Advisors’ Individualized Online Coaching Program
You shouldn’t be worrying about the GRE!
We will pass on to you our proven methods to ensure that you get your desired score on the GRE.
A planned strategy personalised to meet all your needs.
You will have a personally assigned mentor who will be available to help you anytime.

Taking the GRE is essential for people who are planning to study at a graduate level in the U.S and U.K.

A high GRE score is mandatory for you to study at some of the top business schools, but many people who come for our free consultations have repeatedly told us that they seem to have hit a plateau with their scores and can’t core any higher. There are many people who simply don’t know how to prepare and study for the GRE.

And it doesn’t help that the GRE is one of the hardest English tests even for native English speakers. So you are not alone to think that the GRE is extremely difficult.

Let our experienced mentors teach you the know how to getting your desired scores. The trick isn’t to study a lot, but to study efficiently. Your GRE score will reflect how effectively you study.

Our Individualized Online Tutoring program is of the highest quality, and we provide our services at a fraction of the price of our competitors’. Our mentors will help you every step of the way to meet your goals.

It’s time to get your required GRE score and to go to the world’s best graduate schools!

This program is perfect for those who:

・Are studying for or who are planning to study the GRE to apply to US and UK graduate schools.
・Are struggling to raise their scores
・Are not sure on how to prepare and study for the GRE
・Are worried about the financial burden of studying at other schools.
・Want to meet study partners who will encourage and motivate each other.
・Want to grow under the tutelage of professionals who will help you with your study every step of the way.

What are the merits of this program?

・Our Advisers will teach you the best study methods for you to meet your goals.
・Each adviser is personally assigned to you so you can receive specific feedback and instructions.
・As everything is done online, you can study at your own pace anywhere anytime!
・We will pass on the “Alpha Academy Method” of studying to help you.
・You can connect with other motivated GRE students through our GRE Dojo community!
・You will learn from the best. Our advisers are all professionals of the highest caliber.

Student’s Voice

I predicted that my study would be inefficient due not to know how to start working on concretely if I began to study individually. I am satisfied with this program because I was able to figure out what I should first do by taking it. (A person who is planning to apply for MBA)

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