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Considering to take TOEFL?

A high TOEFL score is a necessity in this current age for those seeking an international experience. From exchange programs in college to study abroad programs in high school, the required minimum score is now said to be 100 on a scale of 120. For those seeking an MBA in the U.S or U.K, the minimum score creeps up to 105 and even higher.

However, it is not impossible to score 100 in the TOEFL. In fact, anyone has the potential to score a 100. The real challenge is to score higher than 100, and only a few have achieved this feat. The fundamental reason why many cannot overcome the 100 barrier is that they lack seriousness. Most test takers with low scores never took the test seriously. If you are not serious about learning the vocabulary and preparing for the test, you will never score high on the TOEFL.

In this program, through evaluating your ability, we will assist you to set your goals, and provide advice and study tips for you to achieve them. Through our vocabulary memorization methods and other teaching techniques, we will provide you with the fastest method to achieve your goals. Master the TOEFL Test and the door to the world will open before you. Your ticket to the world starts with us!

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TJ Advisors’s Online Coaching Service

・TJ Advisors offers online Personalized Coaching Services through online chat.
・You can study anytime anywhere.
・You will have mentor assigned to you who will answer any question that you may have.
・A support team personally assigned to you is ready to lead you to your goal.

Why? TJ Advisors

“I need to score 80 or higher on the TOEFL in order to be eligible for my university’s exchange program to study at a top university overseas. I don’t know how to prepare for it efficiently and score high in a short period of time, so I would like your professional personal advisor to help me out.” -- Keio University Sophomore

“I’m thinking about studying abroad for an MBA, but my current job is too tasking for me to make time to study for the TOEFL Test. I want somebody to build a tailor-made plan for me that I can realistically achieve and will not interrupt with my work schedule.” --Strategic consultant

The program for success: The α Program

If you are serious about scoring 100+ in the TOEFL(R) Test, you’ve come to the right place! Alpha academy is the professional team offering complete and thorough individual support!

The biggest mistake people make when preparing for the TOEFL is that they try to do everything on their own. At Alpha Academy, our professional advisors and mentors will prepare for you, a tailor-made study plan that best prepare you for the TOEFL test within the time you need to achieve your score.

We have seen many people give up their dreams of studying in an overseas MBA program because they reached just short of getting a 100 on the TOEFL. Many of these people later came to Alpha Academy to study under the guidance of our professional advisers. Many of them are now pursuing their dreams in America and in Europe.

Precisely because our program is personalized to match the needs of the students, you will receive the most accurate feedback and suggestions. Although there is no shortcut to success, we provide the surest way for you to achieve the score you wish for. This program is intended not only for TOEFL test takers trying to exceed 100, but also for college students interested in working abroad.

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5 Characteristics of TJ Advisors’ Individualized Online Coaching Service

1.) Intensive, thorough counseling!
2.) A tailor-made study plan and complete support for you to achieve your goals
3.) After a thorough analysis, we provide the best strategies for you to work on your weaknesses.
4.) This package meets all your needs! Our professional support includes frequent counseling, establishing study plans and objectives. Our advisers constantly monitor your progress and offer strategies for each one of the four sections of the TOEFL Test. You will also get your hands on some of the best templates for the Speaking & Writing sections.
5.) Complete support at an exceptionally reasonable price.

1. Intensive, thorough counseling!

・TJ Advisors starts by recognizing your current situation and by reconfirm your goals and when you want to achieve them by.
・We will then draft a study plan which best suits your goals
・In the case you are unable to find time to study due to school or work, we will offer you more specific guidance.
・You will receive the thorough support by strictly selected top TOEFL(R) advisors
・They will share with you the secrets to ace the TOEFL Test.

2. Probing strategy planning and implementation

・In order to provide you with the best study plan, we will have to find your every weakness and first work on eliminating those weaknesses.
・You will be working with TOEFL professionals to plan your strategy to study efficiently.
・Your mentor will constantly check on your progress so that you can successfully complete your study plan.
・One you we set up the strategy strategy together, all you need is to go full sprint ahead. Go For It!!

3. Strategies for each TOEFL sections

・We will introduce vocabulary used frequently in the test for you to memorize.
・We will teach you how to solve the Reading section problems efficiently.
・For the Listening section, you will learn the “patterns” of the questions. Once you grasp the flow of the questions, it is a lot easier for you to answer the questions.
・For the Speaking section, we will introduce some templates you can use to answer questions. Even those with no study abroad experience will be able to give a high scoring answer with our templates.
・For the Writing section, we will provide you with a comprehensive template, which will allow you to write at a high level from introduction to conclusion. Our students have been scoring over 25 using our templates.

4. The Full Package Deal! (Counseling, Planning, Thorough teaching of each section, Speaking and Writing templates)

・This program includes everything as mentioned above and you will be supported from the very beginning of goal planning all the way to until you actually achieve your goals!
・You will have a main counselor personally assigned to you,who will be thoroughly supporting you to achieve your goal. .
・You can consult with your main counselor anytime anywhere through email or chat.

5. Complete support at an exceptionally reasonable cost!

・Would you rather take the TOEFL(R) Test several times without having studied it properly? Or would you rather be thoroughly prepared with the help from Alpha Academy.
・When it comes to TOEFL(R) Test support programs, our fees are a fraction of our competitors’.
・Our professional support is available even after your have met your objective for the TOEFL(R) Test!

Participants’ Review

“When I first took the TOEFL exam, my score was around 60 and it was devastating. Realizing that I would never be able to improve my score by myself, I signed up for Alpha Academy’s TOEFL Individualized Online Coaching Program. The first thing they told me was that I lack the vocabulary and skimming skills. I started listening to English every single day no matter what, as advised. As I memorized more words, I found myself reading English passages faster and understanding what I listened. I also started to work on my writing as I got used to reading & listening to English, and I received thorough feedback for all six essays I wrote. As a result, my TOEFL score exceeded 100 on my fourth test. In addition to that, Alpha’s professional team supported me with my application as well and I was accepted by Columbia University for graduate studies! I’m very grateful for Alpha’s service and the staff!” (excerpted)

-- Columbia Graduate School of Arts and Science - Education・Female

“I was aiming to score 110 on the TOEFL in order to study at a top MBA school. But my scores didn’t get any higher than 90 and I didn’t know what to do. When I heard about Alpha Academy’s TOEFL Individualized Online Coaching Program, I signed up immediately. Alpha’s team evaluated that I was underperforming in the Speaking section and that I should be aiming for a full score in Reading section. As well as expanding my vocabulary to improve my scores, I learned how to find the answers hidden in the problems. After scoring 105, I applied for an MBA through Alpha Academy’s MBA Admissions Advisory program. I kept taking the TOEFL Test and scored above 110! And with Alpha’s support I was eventually admitted to both Columbia Graduate School and the Wharton School of Business!” (excerpted)
-- Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania MBA・Male

*Many students who are interested in exchange programs or community colleges have also
participated in this TOEFL program!

Sign up for this Program If:

・You are serious about scoring higher than 80-100 in the TOEFL(R) Test.


・Establishing a strategic plan to get your required score
・Thorough schedule management
・Instructing methods for each section of the TOEFL(R) Test
・Constructive feedback for writing (Additional fee required. Consult with your main counselor.)
・Overall testing advice


・A 6-month intensive Individualized Online Advisory Program
・Memorization of vocabulary
・Lecture on the TOEFL(R) Test Official Guide
・Intensive Reading training
・Intensive Listening training
・Speaking training/correction
・Writing practice with constructive feedback
・Passing on the knowledge to master the test
・Creating a tailor-made study plan
・Managing the study progress
・Thorough test preparation
・Score above 100 on the TOEFL ®

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