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Complete support for clients aiming to transfer to top American universities.

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TJ Advisors’s Online Individualized Coaching Service

・We offer online Individualized Coaching Service.
・You can be anywhere in the world to get our support.
・You can ask questions to our distinguished advisors anytime.
・Your support team will lead you to your goal.

College Transfer Advisory Program

Complete support for clients aiming to transfer to top American universities. We support students enrolled at community colleges and universities in the U.S. and overseas. Request a free initial consultation now. Current students and graduates of elite American universities provide thorough support.

Aim high and win a place at a top university such as Columbia and other Ivy League universities, UC Berkeley and UCLA.

Our Proven Record

・Our clients have successfully transferred to top American universities from community colleges.
・Many of our clients have also transferred to top American universities from universities abroad.
・We have also supported our clients who were enrolled in universities outside of the U.S. into community colleges and then transfer to top American universities.

Expand your career options!

Remember that there are deadlines to transfer process. It is always better to prepare as early as possible. Leverage your potential for domestic and global career with a top American university degree.

・Want to attend a top American university?
・Currently enrolled at an university outside of the U.S. but hoping to study at a top American university?
・Want to transfer to an elite university from a community college?

Applying this year? Next year? Or 2 years from now?
Distinguished advisors at TJ Advisors will equip you with the best strategy to achieve your goal. Request a free initial consultation now!

5 Distinguished Offers of α College Transfer Advisory Program

1. Intensive counseling!
2. Thorough strategy planning and application support including advice on extracurricular activities.
3. Full package! The service offers support for all process of application including application strategy development, essay review, and letter of recommendation guidance.
4. You may seek for advices anywhere and anytime via online.
5. Distinguished service at a reasonable cost!

Intensive counseling

・At TJ Advisors, you will start with reflecting your genuine life and career goals.
・And draft a story that answers why you must study at your target school.
・We will work with you to fill the logical gap if there are any, in between your experiences and your objectives to study at a top American university.
・We will together explore who you are, what you have achieved and where you would like to be.
・“I've spoken with many counselors but TJ Advisors' advisors were the only ones who brought so much insight and helpful tips not only on my application but also in regards to my life plans.”
・Rigorous process of self-analysis will provide a sound grounding for draft in application documents.
・We also offer advice on extracurricular activities.
・TJ Advisors has cultivated experiences and knowledge on application process and admissions of top universities. We are a proven brand of college application support service.

Thorough strategy planning and implementation

・Not all accepted students to top universities ace standardized tests.
・In order to get accepted to top universities, you need to be equipped with a sound strategy that enhances your strengths and improves your weaknesses.
・With TJ Advisors, you will craft a competitive resume that stands out from other candidates.
・We will teach you tips to nail standardized tests such as SAT and TOEFL.
・Do you already have a study schedule at your target university?
 Do you know what you would like to do after graduation?
・Did your counselor attend a top university? Is he or she an expert in admissions of top universities?
・TJ Advisors are professionals with profound knowledge in universities worldwide and years of experience in advising applicants.
・Do you know how to effectively communicate with admissions to give yourself a head start in the selection process?

Our emphasis on perfecting the content of your essay.

・Counselors from other companies make you jump right onto drafting an essay.
・Advisors at TJ Advisors start off with getting to know you and then brainstorm together.
・We work with you to make your story a powerful and persuasive one, allowing it to stand out from the whole pool of application essays during the selection process.

Full package deal!

・Our advisory service comes in a FULL PACKAGE! It includes application strategy development, essay review, and letter of recommendation guidance.
・TJ Advisors will go through all process of application with you until you get accepted to your target school. We will not just work with you on your essays or application forms. We will work with you from the start to the end.
・All of our clients will have one main advisor who would work with you in drafting a blueprint of their success.
・Our advisors are available online anytime. They will keep you on track on the study and other preparatory schedules.
 They will drive you forward!

Distinguished service at a reasonable cost!

・With TJ Advisors, you will have the best experience and the best outcome at a cost lower than that offered by other less accredited companies. There will be no additional charge based on the number of schools you apply. Fully prepare yourself for any number of schools at the same rate.
・You can also network with currently students and graduates of your target school.
・We also provide support for your career after university.
・You should have an application strategy NOW even if you are not applying this year. Prepare early and make sure you will get into your target university.
・What kind of preparation do you need?
・What kind of extracurricular activities should you get involved?
・How should you prepare yourself for standardized tests?
・Is it better to take IELTS and ACT instead of TOEFL and SAT?

Register early for our advisory service. Let’s win a place at a top university together!
TJ Advisors support a challenger like you!

Top-level Professional TJ Advisors

• Toshihiko Irisumi, TJ | Principal Advisor
TJ has professional career at Sumitomo Corporation and Goldman Sachs (Investment Banking), He received his MBA from The University of Chicago, Booth School of Business with specialization in finance, entrepreneurship and organization management. TJ has supported more then 10,000 students to obtain admissions from Harvard, Stanford, top business schools in US, Europe, and Asia and also offers from McKinsey & Company, Goldman Sachs and other top global companies. TJ is the highest in charge in the management of TJ Advisors but he is also a passionate adviser. His background and passion makes him the world's best educational adviser one could ever have! 

• Gary Lo | Principal Advisor
Mr. Gary Lo is a professional career coach with extensive corporate experience. In his career, he has worked with some of the most admired Fortune 500 companies including Apple Inc., LVMH, Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline and Nestle. He is also the former Head of Marketing & Admissions and an appointed career coach at the HKUST MBA Program, where he has coached hundreds of MBAs, Master students, professionals and corporate executives from all around the world. 
In addition, Gary is an internationally certified NLP Master Practitioner and a High Impact Presentation Winner, endorsed by authoritative organizations such as ABNLP, INLPA, NLPU etc. He has made public presentations in over 20 cities, and also different organizations including HSBC, Citibank, Hang Seng, GSK, PwC, CPA Australia, Manulife, Jardine, Hysan, Toastmasters, Pacific Conference, Marketing Magazine etc. His enthusiastic and inspirational delivery style has won him outstanding ratings consistently. He holds a BBA and MBA degree, educated both in the United States and Hong Kong. 
Hope this helps. Look forward to hearing from you. 

College Transfer Advisory Program is for clients who want to transfer to top American universities.

・Current students at American community colleges,
・High school students and their parents in the U.S. and outside of the U.S., and
・University students in the U.S. and outside of the U.S. are all welcomed to request a free initial consultation!

College Transfer Advisory Program includes

・Application strategy development
・Thorough self analysis
・Personal story and logic building
・Resume and essay review (Extra fee applies for editing)
・Campus visit tours (Extra fee applies)
・Consultation hours: weekdays and weekends

Request a free initial online consultation now!

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