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School: Princeton University

Princeton University is a private Ivy League research university in Princeton, New Jersey, United States. Princeton provides undergraduate and graduate instruction in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. It offers professional degrees through the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, the School of Engineering and Applied Science, the School of Architecture and the Bendheim Center for Finance. The university has ties with the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton Theological Seminary, and the Westminster Choir College of Rider University. Princeton has the largest endowment per student in the United States.
It has been associated with 41 Nobel laureates, 21 National Medal of Science winners, 14 Fields Medalists, 10 Turing Award laureates, five National Humanities Medal recipients, 209 Rhodes Scholars, and 126 Marshall Scholars. Two U.S. Presidents, 12 U.S. Supreme Court Justices (three of whom currently serve on the court).

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New Light Presbyterians founded the College of New Jersey in 1746 in order to train ministers.The college was the educational and religious capital of Scots-Irish America.In 1756, the college moved to Princeton, New Jersey. Its home in Princeton was Nassau Hall, named for the royal House of Orange-Nassau of William III of England. In 1812, the eighth president the College of New Jersey, Ashbel Green (1812–23), helped establish the Princeton Theological Seminary next door. In 1896, the college officially changed its name from the College of New Jersey to Princeton University. In 1933, Albert Einstein became a lifetime member of the Institute for Advanced Study with an office on the Princeton campus.

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Undergraduates fulfill general education requirements, choose among a wide variety of elective courses, and pursue departmental concentrations and interdisciplinary certificate programs. Required independent work is a hallmark of undergraduate education at Princeton. Students graduate with either the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) or the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.).

The graduate school offers advanced degrees spanning the humanities , social sciences, natural sciences, and engineering. Doctoral education is available in most disciplines.
It emphasizes original and independent scholarship whereas master's degree programs in architecture, engineering, finance, and public affairs and public policy prepare candidates for careers in public life and professional practice.

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