Do college students today struggle with reading?

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Work hard, play hard: a popular mantra among college students today. But is this true in real life? Do students work as hard as they're expected to by their professors, and not just as they expect themselves to? Many professors today say students don't work as hard as they can, and don't finish their assigned readings, for example, out of lack of ability. Students say they're just overloaded with things and simply don't have enough time.

Why do you think professors and students are divided on this issue? Who is to blame for the decline in reading in universities? Are students to blame for their perceived laziness and lack of motivation, or does the blame lie with professors and their overemphasis on assessments? Do you think students struggle to read entire books because of their lack of ability, or a lack of time?

For more information, please check out this article on The Independent which explores the issue in more depth:

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 18:26:20 +0900

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