How to Conquer the College Process (part 1)

You may begin to feel stressed out simply by hearing the term “college process,” but don’t worry. The journey of being accepted to your dream school becomes a bit less formidable once it is broken down into simpler steps. I’m certainly not proposing that you should begin studying for the SAT in kindergarten during nap time, but, generally speaking, the earlier you begin to conquer the daunting process, the better! Careful planning mixed with assiduous dedication forms a perfect recipe for a successful college process - here’s a timeline to make sure that you’re on track! By following these steps, I eventually achieved my dream of getting into the University of Pennsylvania.

Tue, 12 Jan 2016 06:52:54 +0900

Eighth Grade

-Although college seems immensely distant at this point in your life, you will have to start thinking about your roster for ninth grade. When it is time to pick out your classes, consider that 9th grade is the first year that will count towards college. College admissions officers are always on the lookout for students who are intellectually ambitious. If you have not taken honors classes before (or your school’s equivalent of honors classes), consider pushing yourself to take more challenging classes during your high school career. However, make sure that you are not putting too heavy of a weight on your shoulders such that you will not be able to maintain good grades.

Tue, 12 Jan 2016 06:53:13 +0900

Ninth Grade Fall

-Welcome to high school! Get to know your guidance counselor. Your counselor will be there to assist you for the next four years, and, eventually, he/she will be writing your letter of recommendation for college. Be sure to take advantage of this connection that your school provides as soon as possible.
-Get involved in your school. Explore all of the extracurricular activities that your school has to offer.
-Get the SAT Question of the Day application on your phone. It may seem too early to start studying for the SAT - and it probably is - but taking 1 minute out of your day to answer an SAT question give you the advantage of already being familiar with the SAT questions once you begin to study for the SAT in further detail later on in your high school career.

Tue, 12 Jan 2016 06:53:26 +0900

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