[MBA Information] Ross School of Business, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

Ross School of Business, University of Michigan--Ann Arbor

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business is the business school of the University of Michigan. Here are some quick facts and statistics about the university, including its acceptance rate, tuition and score requirements.

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Brief History

The school was founded in 1924, however it was only after 1990 that the school’s dean B. Joseph White began a transformation of the school’s image. He led a major MBA curriculum overhaul, this aimed to intensify the development of students’ professional and and practical skill set, which included teamwork, leadership and overall ability to be fluid between theoretical and practical application of knowledge. This is still what the school stands for today.

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Programs Offered (for MBA)

1) Full-Time MBA- including the international MBA and joint degree students. (estm. 1161 students)
2) Executive MBA- 539 students

Student Ratio: 35% international students and 32% female students

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