Must watch videos for GMAT essay writing

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) is an important component of the GMAT exam. It decides the written ability of the exam taker. Strong written skills with good usage of vocabulary, correct grammar, clear arguments makes a good essay for the GMAT exam.
Here are some recommended video links to help you get tips and suggestions to prepare and practice for the essay in the GMAT.

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This video provides a basic tip “keep your essay simple”, that every student planning to take the GMAT must know. To begin preparing for the essay, the student must know why is it essential to keep it simple and what are the consequences.
The video gives clear reasons and rationale as to why the essay must be simple.

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This video is about analysis of an argument essay. The video describes how the argument should be structured, presented and critically thought over. it gives useful tips to ensure that your essay has relevant and strong arguments.

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