3 Must Read Books on Harvard Business School’s MBA Program (Part 1)

Harvard Business School has constantly ranked among the top 5 business schools around the world. It’s unique and top-notch program that focuses on innovation, individualism and initiative, and encourages students to make progress and development in every part of the world. Their program is known for their initiatives like their Global Initiative Program, which allows students to actually travel to developing countries and/or take initiatives that will have an impact not only in their local communities, but numerous such communities around the world. Over the years, a lot has been written about the prestigious program; here are three must read books that are on Harvard’s acclaimed MBA program’s reading list:

Sat, 23 Apr 2016 20:39:43 +0900

1) Talent on Demand: Written by Peter Cappelli, the book explores some common talent management issues.

Purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Talent-Management-Handbook-Sustainable-Competitive/dp/007173905X/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1461122734&sr=8-2&keywords=talent+on+demand

Sat, 23 Apr 2016 20:43:25 +0900

2) The Money of Invention: How Venture Capital Creates New Wealth: This book doubles as a practical guide about the problems entrepreneurs face while scrounging for finance. Written by Paul A. Gompers and Josh Lerner, it is a book recommended by several professors.

Purchase on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.jp/Money-Invention-Venture-Capital-Creates/dp/157851326X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1461122912&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Money+of+Invention%3A+How+Venture+Capital+Creates+New+Wealth

Sat, 23 Apr 2016 20:43:37 +0900

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