Essay tips ~The Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University~

The Kellogg School of Management Northwestern University was ranked no.6 as one of the best buiness school in 2015, according tio U.S. News Report. The school offers a variety of departments such as entrepreneurship, finance, health care administration, human resources management, international business, and not-for-profit management,

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The graduates will get involved with diverse departments, including Consulting,Consumer Products, Health Care Products and Services, and Technology.
Ted Phillips, president and CEO of the Chicago Bears, and Ellen Kullman, chair and CEO of DuPont. are also graduates from the school.

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those of who are willing to study at this school , Must be well prepared for the applications otherwise you will not get a ticket for your Kellogg MBA life.

here are the questions and the tips for Essay in 2015- 2016;

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