Differences Between GMAT Focus Edition and the Old GMAT

Are you familiar with the GMAT Focus Edition? As of November 7, 2023, the GMAT has transitioned to this new format known as the GMAT Focus Edition. The amount of test material has been reduced, and the question formats have been changed! It has become an overwhelmingly more accessible test for examinees than before (at Alpha, even with the old version, we've been achieving score improvements from scratch within 6 months, so now the score-making time will be even shorter!).

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Elimination of "Sentence Correction" from the Verbal Section : The Verbal section now consists of fewer types of questions than before.
Elimination of AWA (Analytical Writing Assessment) : The new format has removed the traditional essay section.
Addition of a New Section "Data Insights" : This new section is included in the overall score, integrating "Data Sufficiency" questions from the Quantitative section and all questions from the Integrated Reasoning (IR) section.
Review and Revision of All Questions Within Sections : Test-takers can revise their answers up to three times within each section.
Reduction in Test Time and Number of Questions : The total test duration has been reduced from 187 minutes to 135 minutes, and the total number of questions has been decreased from 80 to 64.
Change in Break Times : Break times have been changed from two 8-minute breaks to one 10-minute break.
Flexibility in Score Verification and Sending Method : Test-takers can now check their scores and select schools to send them to, either at a test center or from home.
Free Choice of Section Order : Test-takers can freely choose the order in which they take the Verbal, Quantitative, and Data Insights sections. Moreover, the performance in the preceding section will influence the level of the first question in the subsequent section.
Change in Score Range : The overall score range has been changed to 205-805, and the score range for each section has been changed to 60-90.
Transition to the New Format : Test-taking for the GMAT Focus Edition began on November 7, 2023. Going forward, all tests will be taken in the GMAT Focus Edition format.

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At Harvard MBA, starting from the April 2024 round, the new GMAT Focus Edition format will also be accepted, as various schools are transitioning to the GMAT Focus, Shoter GRE, and others.

Alpha Advisors also offers support for the GMAT Focus Edition. We provide thorough support for everyone who is seriously aiming for an MBA or graduate studies abroad, starting from selecting the right school! (Additionally, more schools are accepting the Executive Assessment, which is easier and shorter than the GMAT. Since it's based on the GMAT, transitioning is possible!)

If you are planning to take the test, engage in preparation for the GMAT Focus, ShoterGRE, and EA (Executive Assessment) at Alpha Advisors!

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