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Hult International Business School is known for its practical education programs and global network, with campuses in Boston, San Francisco, London, and Dubai. Focused on the forefront of business such as AI and technology, Hult graduates have secured positions in prestigious companies including the Mag7 , Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, and the Big Four in the US.

The third round, open until March 1st, offers a chance for substantial scholarships, including exclusive scholarships for individual coaching students at Alpha.

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Recommended: San Francisco Campus

・California GDP ranks the as 5th largest country
・Headquarters of tech giants, including Mag7, are clustered here.
・SV Tech grew during Covid years
・High density of jobs

Over 72% US Employment Rate

Hult students boast an over 72% employment rate in the US, thanks to a selective curriculum and the acquisition of practical business skills, which form the foundation for a career in global companies. Hult's strong alumni network further expands opportunities for a global career. Many Japanese Hult graduates work in the US, including at Apple, Google, and investment banks.
At the San Francisco campus, there are abundant job opportunities in AI and technology companies, including Tesla and NVIDIA, where graduates have found employment.

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Chance for Substantial Scholarships by March 1

The final deadline for the 3rd round is March 1st. Applying by this date opens up numerous scholarship opportunities.

1st degree (Average 22%, Online MBA: 10-25%) (Early admissions receive priority scholarship offers)
+ Alpha exclusive guarantee: USD 3000
+ 2nd degree scholarships up to 100%: USD 44000 (Valid for offers until March 15th)

The San Francisco campus offers a special Housing Aid scholarship , covering up to 45%.

Alpha also provides a special scholarship (USD 3000) for individual coaching students. Consult with Alpha now and apply to Hult immediately!

Online Pre-Course

For those who may struggle with English, an online pre-course in English is available. If you apply by February 29, 2024, a scholarship covering the full cost of the online pre-course will be provided. (3 months: $1960, 6 months: $3500)
(The online pre-course includes one-on-one lessons, group lessons, and writing.)

Ultimate West Coast Campus Visit Tour from March 25-29

We are planning a local tour to visit Hult graduates working at Mag7. This includes discussions with Mag7 alumni about the latest in TECH x AI and visits to HULT MBA, Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, and USC during the ultimate West Coast campus visit from March 25 to 29.
Seats fill up quickly every year, so apply early! Here!

Don't miss this chance for substantial scholarships available until March 1.

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